With recent buzz about immersive technology, the goal to bring millennials back shopping in store just got a whole lot more exciting with augmented reality.

With a huge amount of noise and competition in the marketing space, it has become increasingly difficult to build meaningful connections with consumers. This is particularly true for millenials, whose buying habits are significantly changing the retail landscape in Australia. These consumers are tech savvy, well researched buyers and with so much choice in the market, are the most powerful consumer cohort in history.

A large percent of millennials have multiple uses for their smartphones. They use their devices through all stages of the buying process; checking reviews, comparing prices and seeking social approval from their friends. As a result, marketers are having to come up with new and exciting ways to create memorable campaigns for their products and services. So how do they do it?

Retailers are increasingly embracing augmented reality (AR) technology to create unique experiences for consumers. By creating immersive experiences relevant to a shopper’s environment, AR will bring excitement back into stores. According to research statistics by tech gurus, Lumus, a whopping 71% of consumers would choose to shop at a retailer more often if AR were apart of the experience. It’s no surprise that the 2025 retail revenue for AR is estimated at $1.6 Billion. With findings like this, it is clear consumers are open to using AR technology, so what are we waiting for!

Forward thinking companies have already adopted this technology, with Zara recently rolling out an AR activation across 120 stores worldwide. Customers are encouraged to hold their phones up to designated AR markers in store and switch between modelled looks, with an easy click through to purchase. This concept will also be extended to online shopping purchases, where customers are able to scan packages to see outfit ideas. This feature allows buyers to see the versatility of a product, potentially leading to increases in sales for clothing and accessories.

Examples like Zara, demonstrate the value of augmented reality and the opportunities for other brands to leverage the technology to create new meaningful connections with millennials. By adding content that is worth sharing, through elements of shock or surprise, marketers can use augmented reality to add real value for their customers and in turn drive revenue.

As augmented reality gains momentum in Australia, we’re excited to see how brands use the technology to drive new connections and create memorable campaigns. Now it’s up to businesses to take the leap forward and become market innovators by adopting and marketing with AR technology.

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